Sunjeen, Inc.

The complete Nail Genie line of manicuring machines began back in the mid seventies when Sunjeen, Inc. purchased the rights to manufacture the Nail Genie “Deluxe” machine from the General Electric Company. Since that time, Sunjeen, Inc. has taken the basic design of GE’s original machine and re-engineered it specifically for the professional beauty industry. The line grew to feature five models to fit every need and skill level.

The Nail Genie line has its roots in the personal care products industry; it is not just another repackaged dental drill or hobby tool. As one of the founding members of the Association of Electric File Manufactures, safety has always been a priority with the Nail Genie product line. All Nail Genie machines allow for just the right amount of power to do the job, virtually eliminating the possibility of injury associated with other rotary tools designed for woodworking or dental applications. All Nail Genie machines come with a one-year product warranty and a variety of additional attachments are available. If your need is to quickly sculpt a complete set of acrylics, or if you need an easy way to clean under the free edge after hand filling, the Nail Genie line has a machine designed to fit your style.